Welcome to Agali Farmers’ Cooperative Society - AFCSL

We are a farmer-led social organization registered under The Co-operative Societies Act, Cap 112, dedicated to empowering farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Our cooperative operates in Ocamonyang, Agali Sub-County Lira, and has expanded to include members from various districts, including Apac, Kole, Oyam, Dokolo, Alebtong, and Amolatar.


We take pride in our achievements and the impact we have made. With over 5000 farmers actively engaged in our crop value chain production, we have successfully harvested over 5000 metric tons of sunflowers. Through strategic market connections, we have secured contractual agreements that ensure consistent demand for our products.


Our cooperative society is built on effective management practices, enabling us to implement our programs efficiently. We prioritize the empowerment of our farmers, providing them with basic agronomy practice knowledge in crops like maize, and equipping them with the tools and resources necessary for success.

Explore our website to learn more about our cooperative, our achievements, and the opportunities we offer to farmers. Discover how we are transforming agriculture, empowering farmers, and contributing to the growth of our region. Join us in our mission to create a thriving agricultural sector and improve the lives of farmers in our community.

Why Us?

Community-Centric Approach: AFCSL is driven by a community-focused mindset, fostering a cooperative environment where members support each other and work towards collective growth.

Farmer Empowerment: AFCSL emphasizes empowering farmers by offering them the necessary resources, training, and market access to enhance their livelihoods and agricultural productivity.

Quality Assurance: AFCSL ensures high-quality agro inputs, reliable market linkages, and promotes value addition, assuring consumers and members of the cooperative's commitment to excellence.

Sustainability and Responsibility: The cooperative adheres to sustainable farming practices, promoting responsible and eco-friendly agricultural methodologies that benefit both farmers and the environment.

Market Opportunities: AFCSL provides access to various market segments, enabling members to secure fair and competitive prices for their produce. The cooperative's extensive network and partnerships create diversified market opportunities for farmers.

Innovation and Learning: AFCSL is committed to staying updated with modern agricultural techniques and industry trends, providing ongoing training and capacity building to its members.

Reliability and Trust: By fostering trustworthy partnerships and delivering on commitments, AFCSL establishes a reputation for reliability, ensuring that members can count on consistent support and market opportunities.

Economic Growth: Through value addition and diversification, AFCSL promotes economic growth not just for the cooperative but also for the entire community by creating job opportunities and stimulating local economic development.